Kicking a triping horse.

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So now everyone is beating on Toyota for braking issues with the Prius. The issue is over reported braking problem when a driver goes over bumps while applying the brakes. If you have access to Automotive News, you can read this article… if not, you’ll find it on just about any news site.

Come on, I had a Ford Ranger that had the same problem – I would hit the brakes while going over a speed-bump and the brake pedal would go to the floor. I figured out that the reason it was doing that was because as my rear tires(rear ABS) would go over the bump, and get a little light, the braking system would register it as being on ice…so it would compensate by reducing the amount of brake pressure on the calipers – which in turn made the pedal hit the floor. If I just released the brakes and then pressed them again the system would re-register and things would be back to normal. I’m not saying that is the problem with the Prius, but it might be…

I just love how the media is kicking Toyota for anything it can…this seems to be pretty typical of people (other automotive companies), when they notice that someone is better than them, they do whatever it takes to knock them down to their level rather than trying to improve their own image.

Let me guess, someone will now try to get JD Power to issue their quality survey early so that all the Toyota owners submit negative numbers. “Yeah, that’ll show the world that we’re just as good as them – Chrysler”

  1. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    No doubt. Why doesn’t everyone have to kick a man when he’s down. Just waiting for the class action lawsuit on the accelerator issue. This won’t stop for a while…

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