Just Say No to 50 Foot TVs

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Billboards have long been the eyesore of a beautiful country drive. They clutter the urban landscape as only misplaced palm trees can in California. Once designed to give weary travelers a chance at a meal or motel at the next exit, they have become the equivalent of the online banner for the roadways. Cities have outlawed them while advertisers struggle with seven words or less to communicate at 70mph. Fantastic creative not with standing, such as this example, most of these things are ignored.

But thanks to brilliant innovators that have put up 50 foot televisions people are finally paying attention. How can you tell? At dust, they pretty much stop traffic. Grusche you say, this is a serious problem. Clearly people are addicted to TV as Orwell predicted. They can’t even wait to get home to watch the tele. Whatever is the solution? Well let me tell you, I don’t have one. Write you’re congressman, start a petition, pull out a shotgun to stop the signs that light up the night like a parade of police cars and fire trucks. Please. Before I end up reclining my seat and inviting friends over to the 405N just shy of the 22.

  1. jtw

    Orwell? Didn’t he write about Guy Montag? Or was that Huxley? In any event, I’ll meet you on the 405 at 6pm next tuesday–I hear they’re showing the director’s cut of Condor Man. Who’s bringing the beer?

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