How to Fix a Destroyed 944 Sunroof

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Plastic gears that broke
The thing you learn about this entire sunroof mechanism is that is was not built to last.  Plastic gears, switches that easily fall out of adjustment, mushy motor mounts that allow too much flex, plastic hinges that break.  It’s all very touchy.  
Here’s what I did to fix the sunroof over the course of about 5-6 hours.

– Read a lot about 944 sunroofs online, how they work, how they adjust, etc.
– Took out headliner and rear driver carpet
– Replaced plastic gears in sunroof lift mechanism above head 
– Pulled the entire drive cable out, lubed up a bit 
– Straighten the metal drive cable tube that prevented it from moving freely by jamming a screwing driver into the tube and pounding out straight 
– Fabricated my own attachment for cable mount at motor because plastic piece broke 
– Adjusted switches at motor and replaced missing bolt that tightens down adjustment 
– Fabricated tube like piece with copper pipe, hose clamps and duct tape to hold motor and cable tube together 
– Redid motor mount that broke 
– Replaced sunroof hinges that broke 
– Added reinforced sunroof hinge brackets made of aluminum rather than plastic
– Adjusted and reinstalled sunroof

Test, put hands in the air like you just don’t care!  Works like a charm but lets just say I’ll use it sparingly.

Sunroof motor exposed, cable outstretched, not good
Hole drilled for new clamp
Simple hose clamp
Cable now raps around as intended
Holding motor and cable tube together
Adjust on/off switches that keep motor from over doing it
Cable tube prior to screwdriver straightening

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