Go Cart – $425 (taylor)

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Amusement park go karts, or bumper cars, are really only fun when you’re smashing into your sister, friends or some random kid that side-bagged you when you weren’t looking. Of course, then revenge is on. Nothing sweeter than chasing down a random, lining up your bedbug-ballyhoo-bash with a solid twenty feet of open runway when the power gets cut, your ride is over and what could have amounted to smack-attack-sideways is a scant tiptoe kiss. Thanks Disney. Dad, can we do this again?!

On Detroit Craigslist.


“Amusement park bumper car 5.5hp honda engine. This is a commercial quality bumper car very heavy duty. Made to run all day. extra new parts .extra body blue… perfect running condition. $425.”

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