Earned911 Monterey Trip Part 3: Wine Tour

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During our trip to Monterey we took part in Pelican Parts Wine tour to the Hahn Winery. Most of us that have cars, that are meant to be driven, have been on several “tours”, most of them involve runs up some canyon or another, some just out to the middle of nowhere. Pelican Parts put together an afternoon that not only involved a great drive, but also a great destination that made it all worthwhile. We started off on Carmel Valley road, turned onto Arroyo Seco and ended at Hahn. The road was just as you’d expect, long and twisty. We got caught up behind some fellow Porschephiles, so rather than pass them we laid back 5 or 6 times and then ran up on them. We got some great video of the runs, see below, no it’s not Grand Turismo quality, but it was still fun. (Thank you Dan, my co-pilot for trusting me as I near trees and cars)

The winery was beautiful, and the wine was delish, and the best part of the excursion is that you can do it all over again whenever you want. So if you ever find yourself in Monterey, with nothing to do, take the trip to Hahn, it will give you a great destination and a chance to use your suspension.

Here is the information on the winery:
Hahn Winery: 37700 Foothill Rd, PO Drawer C, Soledad, CA 93960-0167.

Youtube video:

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  1. EMPM, Esq

    Funny, I was just looking at pictures of this last night from a link from a different website. Did the 959 actually drive there or was it a trailer job – and was it a real 959? One of many that I really liked was the 914 that looked rally prepped. Looks like there was a great bunch of cars there.

  2. Earned911

    959 was real, and perfect! The guy from Pelican Parts led the way in it – he even had his 5 year old son in the front.
    Yes, the rally 914 was a lot of fun to look at, inside and out. There was another 50 or so cars on the back side of the building as well… great car show.

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