Citroen Maserati (SM) coupe – $3000 (South Lyon)

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I can’t imagine having to bring back the hydraulics on a car this far gone.  The engine is missing and it has a ton of rot but the value of the SMs keeps going up. Probably better served as a parts car for someone.


For sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.

  1. Fred

    The important things are there for the Hyd system, as I can see from the pictures. Well, it is missing the drive system for the pumps, the Maserati v6 engine….I have fixed a few of these recently, and they aren’t as difficult as most make them out to be.
    UNLESS you mix up the oils.

    That’s a problem.
    This one looks like a parts car for sure, but I have seen worse brought back to life.

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