Can It Be Put Back Together as a Driver?

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The owner says: “Rust in all the usual places but shock mounts, towers, and overall structure still holding strong. The car is from Tennessee.”

Does that mean the motor car rebuilt and with a little bit of optimism, make this car into a runner? I love to have the budget to try it.


1963 porsche 356 b, T6, coupe, complete, barn find – $23950 (grand rapids). Find it for sale on Grand Rapids Craigslist.

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  1. Paul

    Would love to tackle that but you just know it’s a potential headache! We all should have bought one years ago instead of waiting for a better/cheaper one

  2. Groosh

    Right? It’s got to be a headache if he doesn’t want the project but is willing to trade for a 911, 912 or replica 356.

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