Bumpers Built for a Bozo

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I’ve been stuck many many times and never for good reason.  There was the time that I decided to do doughnuts on the baseball field before winter basketball practice.  It was going great until I started to lose momentum and the car sank into a foot of crusty snow and stopped cold.  Most of the b-ball team peered out of the gym door with a few knuckle heads out there cold shootin’ some hoop.  Those who felt my pain sacrificed their shoes and gave my car a shove just in time for the coach to see my fresh El Camino rolling kilo G into a parking space.  It pays to get to practice early so you can do doughnuts. 

Then there was that time I was fish tailing on snow covered roads New Year’s Eve and ended up in the ditch.  I missed New Year’s waiting for the tow truck by myself.  Seems as though a lot of people were in the ditch that night so the tow didn’t come quick.  I wan’t bitter.  Bubbly with friends or a warm car seat and the radio.   Bubbly… radio… bubbly… radio… bubbly.  Crap.  I can’t believe I missed that entire New Year’s Eve.  You know one of you guys could have tossed me a bone, beer or some bubbly.  I was in that car for like two hours.  Whatever.

The car I ditched wasn’t actually a fresh El Camino.  Close though.  It was a 1976 Skylark affectionately called the beige bomber.  It was completely unsexy and utterly practical.  It had to be for my grandma who was the original owner before passing it onto my sister with 22,000 miles on the clock.    Then once sis went off to college I got lucky.  Thanks for getting air conditioning grandma, you’ll probably never use it in Tucson where it averages like 100 degrees.  The car was free, reliable transportation as I was reminded by my dad.  It was also built the old fashion way.  The bumpers were solid steel which were great for pushing, strapping on a tow rope or as I often found out at parties, jumping on.  Parents take note: the car doesn’t just need to be safe in an accident.  It needs to be safe for your bozo son who is going to throw more curves at it than a box of donuts.

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  1. wetnoodle

    Sounds similiar to my sisters first car..it was a Olds Delta 88 coupe. I think about a 1980 or late 70s. Thing was a tank but it had a certain problem of stalling right when pulled into traffic..so that car did’nt last long!! That was the begining of the end of GM cars in my family (after the IROC of course! :))

  2. EMPM, Esq.

    The amazing thing about that car is it probably weighs less than most economy cars weigh now yet could withstand twice the beating and come back swinging. As was experienced during the Cheeseburger Incident.

    I would make the whole “it was like a good woman that car, not that great to look at, but solid, loyal and strong enough to pull a plow” statement, but I know that’s not what you have looked for in cars. Women, for that matter,either.*

    * Disclaimer: Groosh did very well for himself finding Mrs. Groosh. She does not fit this profile. Or she does, but only the loyal part. No offense intended.

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