Best Ad I’ve Ever Read! – BMW E-30 ix for repair or parts – $500 (Waterford)

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“This gem of a 325 ix could run like a top, if it only had a good battery. There may be other problems too but you don’t have to worry about those, they’re covered by a hood that wont open. Outta sight outta mind. Just focus on the possibility of ripping through the gears on your very own 5 speed and laying the power down through all four tires in this fine all wheel drive German engineered auto! First you’ll have to get two of the tires to hold air though. Once you’re rolling there’s no looking back, or you shouldn’t because there’s some damage back there. Just relax in the sports seats and imaging the 2.5 liter straight six purring like a kitten. Hurry now! First one that can drag it away wins!”


Holy crap, I want to win!


Find it on Detroit’s Craigslist.

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  1. Fred

    Doesn’t mention hes a graduate of the creative writing on-line school

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