AWRS International

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Getting bent about your wheels is pretty common when you live in the pot-hole ridden — constant construction — we build our roads using the lowest bidder so the concrete sucks and we have to rebuild them in 5 to 10 years — world of Detroit.  When I had my 2004 BMW 330Xi, three of the four wheels were bent.  That’s a pretty disconcerting when you drive 80 mph and the entire car shakes like it’s going to fall apart.  New rims?  $500-600 a piece.  Wheel repair from AWRS?  $135 and they come to you.  
Inside their patent’s pending trailer, they will heat your rim with a propane torch then use 10,000-psi ram to round out the flat spots.  They also do curb-rash repair starting at $125 with repainting services on site.  Would I pay for it on my BMW?  Yup.  That’s a good value. Oh, and I looked up if they serve the southeast Michigan area and they do. 

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