A Tent for Your Car

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The Touchless Car Cover has finally been invented. From the inventor’s About Us: “A car cover such as the Touchless Car Cover could only be created by a dedicated gear head – or two. This revolutionary design took years of time, lots of determination and creativity by two guys with a boundless affection for automobiles. We now know how the founders of Apple and HP felt during their early years. We were determined to find solutions to problems created with normal car covers. Mainly the damage done to the car finish by the constant moving of dust and grit by the putting on and taking off of the old style car cover. Being “car guys”, we wanted to provide a really cool, better functioning car accessory at a fair price.”

Ok, price check… $299. Not bad when most good covers run $100-300. I buy the Pepboys special which is only $39.95. Here’s an interesting note next to the checkout button:

NOTE – RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USE Outdoor use was not the intended purpose.

Then I found this on their blog launched in February, more of a press release:

“The Touchless Car Cover can be used as A DRIVE IN-DRIVE OUT COVER. The Touchless Car Cover addresses the various shortcomings of the traditional car cover. These issues include smudged windows, grinding dust into the finish, difficulty in use, cleanliness and storage. The Touchless Car Cover can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to a high rated UV coating and waterproofing. It also offers access to the car from either side while the cover is in place. Additionally, the Touchless Car Cover can fit more than one car and installs or folds up in less than a minute.”

This sounds more like it. I commend these guys for combining the love of a pup tent with the ease and collapsiblity of a sun shield. Whoops did I say ease?

Here are my Top Five (nod to High Fidelity) reasons why I won’t be purchasing the tent anytime soon:

1. The next show in the parking lot will not be me trying to fold up this bad boy.
Not looking forward to the first guy that thinks its funny to “key” it.
3. Folded up its 4 feet round. That’z-a-one-a-big-a-pizza-pie.
4. I don’t have the zoning permit to get it passed my association or accepted by my neighbors.
5. Have you seen the shoe hornin I do to get cars in my garage? 6 inches of cover in either direction and I can’t around the car, much less close the garage door.

All that being said, when I get my barn I’m buying a bunch of them!

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  1. Sean (the rep)

    I’d actually pay to see the Porche under this. And you fold it with one hand.

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