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Groosh’s Garage has been covering affordable classics for a couple years after the start of the blog in 2009 to compliment Motor Car Market magazine.  I truly love this niche and enjoy writing about it as it keeps me apprised of the market as I find things to keep or flip.  

But knowing my audience keeps coming back is what makes it worth it.  I love getting letters in my email, comments on posts and the occasional guest writer to step up the diversity.  

But now I’m hoping to hear from you. 

• Are the cars in the right wheel house for you?
• Commentary keeping you entertained?
• Are you looking for comments from fellow readers?
• How often do you look?  Daily? Weekly? 
• What format do you read it?  Smart phone?  RRS Feed?  Web?  Email?
• How did you hear about us?  

Please don’t worry about offending me, I can just delete what I don’t like.   Kidding, your post is a permanent fixture.  

Any and all input is much appreciated!

11 Responses

  1. KB

    Whats a wheel house…I know what a dog house is, as I’m frequently in one with my wife.
    The commentary is adequately deep.
    More feedback from regular readers would be delightful, however, I will refrain from any feedback personally as I rarely have anything meaningful to contribute.
    Stay the course, always.
    I look daily…good distraction from work actually.
    -Thanks Groosh!

  2. EMPM

    I read it every morning. I enjoy your commentary as well as the unique things you find. I say stay the course, possibly a little more commentary and a few more finds, if you can find them. For my own amusement, how about you throw in (no pun intended) an Anchor of the Week? Find the biggest crap car you can find on Craigslist; year make and model do not matter, just some POS that had been fabed together. Again, just for my amusement.

    Keep up the good work. Although I don’t comment much if at all, I do browse faithfully.

  3. Paul

    Hi Paul,

    I automatically get the email every day and look forward to seeing the different cars, please keep up the good work! I truly love your comments at the end of the ads, particularly when it’s a slightly unrealistic description/price etc.

    Please continue.

    ps I’m after a luggage cover for a ’98 4-runner, is there a decent breaker you know of who could ship it to the UK? mine has always been missing!

    Paul the MG person and follower, UK

  4. Groosh

    Thanks KB! I’ll see if I can get my wheel house to run over your dog house. I’ll call ahead to make sure you’re not in it.

  5. MG

    I love the quick read and the great commentary, you seem to always write exactly what I’m thinking when I see the pictures. I appreciate the fact that you find any make/model to chat about…you aren’t some Muscle Car wanna-be judge that thinks there’s nothing like going fast in a straight line (add banjo theme here)!!!
    I also like the suggestion of the POS… perhaps “The POS of the Week”…
    Thanks for the knowledge and entertainment.

  6. Alden

    Love the blog! Keep it up. I get your feeds via RSS, and check it daily. Me personally, I like the rare, funky, fixer with European roots. But hey, to each their own.

  7. Mark

    I read it daily using Google Reader. It’s one of my top 3 blogs. I like the cars you choose because they’re in *your* wheelhouse which makes for interesting commentary. Stay the course.

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