A Barn, The Internet and My Spreadsheet

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Did you get her digits?  I did, all 17 of them.  In fact, I’ve collected all the VINs for the previous cars I’ve owned that really meant anything to me on a spreadsheet.  My 2000 Honda Accord EX was the last one to be added to the list last night.  The car was part of my compensation while working at Rubin Postaer, Honda and Acura’s ad agency.

The car allowance was pretty generous and gave me enough to get almost any vehicle.  I picked the most grown up car I could that still came with a stick shift.  Remember this was 1999, so the Integra was the only Acura stick available.  And while I could have gotten a S2000, I didn’t want to be perceived as some new wanna-be hot shot.  Plus the 1970 240Z was still at home in the driveway.  So a dark green Honda Accord with beige interior it was, loaded, cloth (which I prefer) and a sunroof.  The sunroof had that nice little switch on the dash left of the steering wheel, so you didn’t have to reach overhead to operate it.   My pits were saved from my passengers.  

I ran across some Honda paperwork while cleaning out the garage (getting ready for the next project) and put the VIN on my spreadsheet.  One day 50 years from now when you’re wondering what I’m up to because I’ve run out of blog postings, you can rest assured that I’ll be looking up cars for sale trying to find the one that was mine.  Maybe I’ll buy it, restore it or drive it as is.  This is what my old man days are going to be made up of: a barn, the internet and my spreadsheet.  I’m looking forward to getting old.

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