Restoration Wednesday

Stickers came out of storage today.  I can’t believe how much I love driving this car.  Lots of punch and growel with the V8 torque, handles nicely and feels like a modern car despite being 36 years old.  Heck, the 928 was only 14 years behind the 911′s ’63 debut when it took the stand at the Geneva Show in 1977.  Yet when thinking about it it feels, and maybe looks and sounds, like it should be only half the age of the 50 year old icon.  All that talk about it being the 911′s replacement began over 40 years ago.

To quote the book Porsche 928 by Brian Long: “Most of the signature 928 design features were in place by early 1973…”  “By mid-1973, the rumor mill was in full swing.  A V8 configuration was as good as confirmed… within two years, most articles were citing a five-liter unit.  Then, by the end of 1975, leaked details were virtually spot-on, as were some of the design sketches…”

1978 Citroën Ami 8

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“I bought this low mileage 1978 Citroen Ami 8 in Grenoble, France in 2009. Ever since, it’s just been great fun, economical (40 mpg can be achieved), reliable and so comfortable. 1978 is the last production year for the Ami before being replaced by the Citroen Visa. It is fitted with the bullet proof flat twin air-cooled engine (602cc – AM28) which happens to be the most efficient version available (35bhp). It also has the optional centrifugal clutch (replaced in 2010) also known as Traffic clutch (No need to clutch in when you bring the car to a halt) a must have for city driving!”

Never seen one of these.  Pretty good looking walkabout in blue.

On eBay for $12,500 in Quebec Canada.

1972 Porsche 914 solid no rust RUNS DRIVES STOPS

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“1972 Porsche 914. Very solid car, see the picture of the floor pans below. Car is from Texas. Has a nice set of chrome wheels!

Car starts, runs, drives and stops. I can send you a video we took of it driving yesterday, just text me a request.

Great restoration candidate, or just polish it up and drive it like it is. Rat Rods are in style!”

I’m reminded of the scene from Charlie Wilson’s War when Hoffman says to the arms dealer:

“I’m just sayin’ you could park a f–kin’ battleship behind the right hand and no one is going to notice because they’ll be too busy worrying about the cocaine charges Charlie is up against behind the left.”   Or something like that.

Point being.  This owner takes pictures of the clean, rust free floor pan meanwhile the battery has been relocated to the trunk and the passenger wheel well could be resting on the tire for all we know.

Thanks to reader Dave for this forward.  On eBay in North Canton, Ohio for $3,250 BIN.

Since I couldn’t find the scene I wanted, here’s another good one.  No reason this can’t be fun you know.


1952 Ford F4 Very Original Unmolested Farm Truck


It may be unmolested.  But with those teeth, it looks like molesting is something it’s very familiar with.

On eBay in North Canton, Ohio for $8,500 to start with a reserve.

“Amazing original condition. Stored in a corn bin after she broke in 1970. There she sat for 40 some years. Rescued and repaired a few years ago. Engine professionally rebuilt. Have receipts. Runs like a sewing machine. We used her at our farm stand and for farmers markets. Incredibly reliable. Mostly used as an advertising piece. She was always babied. Were closing the farm stand (kids are graduating and moving on) so with regret we will offer “Daisy” up for sale. You will never find a better example of an all original 1952 Ford F4.

PS: Forgot to mention. Bed surface is 1/4 metal plate. Very heavy duty. Original wood bed is under it. It could be removed obviously if you want the oak bed look. It was like that when we bought it and for us it worked great. Side boards are all new and made from oak. I added a small rear gate it didnt have one when I bought it. That is made of pine (used it as a shelf/work station/tailgate) It was a tailgate when driving but a shelf in the down position. Worked great both ways.

From an Ebayer who knows more about the truck than I do: Something worth noting is that your truck has the “5 Star” deluxe cab option, extremely rare in a HD truck, and it apprears to have the “Magic Aire” heater which draws dry, fresh air into the cab, vs the typical recirculating heater which simply warms the damp air in the cab.”

1972 Porsche 914 – $6995 (Dutton)

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Looks really nice for the price.

On Grand Rapids Craigslist.

“1972 Porsche 914/4

113k miles, 5 speed manual, runs and drives good. Has a new transmission that was converted to side shift. Good driver quality car, really solid structurally.

Some interior was redone, looks good. Drive anywhere and get 35 mpg!

Contact me (see contact tab above) for more info and pictures.

Asking 6995 OBO
I would consider a trade deal for a pre 1964 Car in good drivable condition!”

Restoration Wednesday

IMG_7607 IMG_7711 IMG_7724
I’ve been cleaning up and organizing my left over parts collections.  On top are remnants of half a dozen Solex 40-PII split shaft carburetor builds.  They go up no reserve on eBay tomorrow.  The other parts go up today or tomorrow as well for a total of three different lots.  What to do with all that money when I’m done!  Yeah… too bad it’s already spoken for.  I’ve got the 928 S4 coming back from a full service.  It will be detailed polished inside, underside and out before going up for sale as well.