2005 Aston Martin DB9 6.0L V12 6spd – Snow Shadow Grey over Iron Ore Red


$_57-7  $_57-9
At a $69,000 Buy it Now, 6spd, 12-cylinder and 18K miles, I was intrigued despite the chrome wheels.

Holy crap!  Look at that oxblood interior with wood trim.  Simply gorgeous!  It’s almost enough to make me over look that the owner meant 6spd automatic and the chrome wheels.  Almost.

Dude that interior… sweeeeet.

In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina on eBay.


1958 BMW Isetta 600 “Limo” Project

$_57-3 $_57-4 $_57-5
Literally saved from the crusher by his friend but now with a reserve yet “priced well below Blue Book.”

If anything should be a let-it-fly, let the market decide value, it should be the car you rescue from the dump.

On eBay in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Amphicar – $60000 (Vanderbilt, MI)

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It’s kinda fun to consider driving one of these into lakes like I grew up around.  You know, sinking into the silty, muddy bottom, digging up seaweed then getting a “drive-by” by some half-in-the-bag-wave-runner hooligan who wants to see a car in the lake.

On Northern Michigan Craigslist.

1988 Suzuki Samurai Hardtop

$_57-1 $_57-2 $_57
This one looks really clean.  Not sure why I thought they were 3 cylinders engines.  Maybe that was campfire talk after burning too much treated lumber.

“You remember those Suzuki Samurais?”


“Love those things.  Great little 4×4.  What were those, a tiny 3 cylinder motor, right?”


“Well it’s not what you show, it’s how you go.”

“Heard that.”

“Grab some more of that 2×4.  I like the way it burns.  Kinda purdy all blue-green.”


On eBay, 134,000 miles, Montgomery, Illinois.

GR Auto Gallery


IMG_20140409_124147433 IMG_20140409_124632878 IMG_20140409_124333787 IMG_20140409_124159976
Went to GR Auto Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday.  It was about a seven hour round trip with lunch and perusing.  They have a really nice collection that centers around Porsches as you open the door from the lobby to the warehouse.  Highlight for me on the “Porsche wall” (which fronts you as you walk out from the lobby) was the black ’79 930, about half way down.  It had the $169,900 sticker on it.  Yup, sold.  15K and change miles.  So original, so nice before their outlaw.

Next to it was a ’68 912 with roof rain gutter plugage, therefore rust damage below the right rear corner of the glass.  Otherwise, a nice looking car.  Lots of other cars and trucks to looks at.  They say the FJs and Ford Broncos are flying off the shelves.  Yeah, well kick me in the pants pocket for selling my ’74 FJ40.  I liked the people and the atmosphere.  It was west coast p—y for my Detroit players.  As a guy that spent 14 years watching rust free collections drive off into the sunset, it was revival to be exposed to so much, so close together.


Restoration Wednesday


IMG_20140406_143058674 IMG_20140405_134513758 IMG_20140404_160612091
The 911 came out of the garage on Sunday.  I was convinced it wouldn’t see the light of day until May with our record snowfall season.  I figured those blackish-brown piles of salt, dirt and snow on the sides of roads would take weeks to melt, leaving trails of tire sucking water to splash all over my pre-galvanized rain catchers.  Not to be.  The roads were dry.

The car on the other hand ran like crap.  It backfired inside the carb toppers.  It backfired out the exhaust.  I feared for small children as I passed by and they ran for cover.  Drive by!  Fresh gas cleared it all up.  Guess I forgot to put Stabilzer in the tank.  Lesson learned.

Meanwhile, the green beast is finished.  My body knows knew pain as I contorted underneath a foot of clearance to paint the oil pan.  The final step to chassis cleanliness.  It started with a Goof Off rub down, followed by a Scotch Brite keying, a second wipe with mineral spirits before the tape job and spray with Chevy orange engine enamel.  The paint looked like a perfect match to what was originally sprayed years ago.  Job done.