2nd Annual M1 Concourse Woodward Dream Cruise Kickoff Pary

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The last email I received from M1 said registration full. They were no longer accepting cars to last Sunday’s M1 Concourse Dream Cruise kick off party. This is going to be great! The Concourse comprises 81 acres of flat concrete where the old GM bus plant used to be in Pontiac. Last year the party was packed and this year could have been once, twice, three times a lady more cars and not made a dent on the property. I didn’t understand how registration was “full” unless Brad (the founder) invited all four lanes of Woodward to dump traffic straight into the vast wasteland of his car condo project. Little did I know the party was across the street from the main concourse in an overflow parking lot.

M1 Concourse was officially six weeks into development so the much smaller overflow lot corralled the coaches. The M1 site was torn up and halfway to getting rid of all the old concrete and asphalt, as they prepare for infrastructure before completing job one, the 1.5 mile test track. Yes, the test track would be done before the winter ahead of building the sold out phase one condos. Apparently the future condo owner number one question is: Will the test track be completed before I move in? Or will I lay rubber all over Woodward and surrounding neighborhoods cursing a dirt patch in front of my man cave. Brad has adjusted schedules accordingly.

This year’s event was no slouch. Yet again. A wonderful diverse mix of autos and people with five loves in common, four wheels and a motor. Everything from one off custom hot rods that spit fire to classic and exotics. Detroit was representin’. We didn’t do much hobnobbing as we perused the show. My attention is always drawn to the classic foreign affair such as a ’67 Alfa Romeo. Although new Ferarris and Lamborghinis were fun to cast a shadow on as well. It was a fully catered event with chicken, ribs, kale salad and ice cream. Water or soda to wash it down. Plus there was ice cream. Yes, ice cream is worth mentioning twice especially when you get two of them. I’ll be sure to register early for next year’s party so I can get my fill yet again.

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