2013 Porsche Parade in Traverse City, Michigan

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The parking lot was its own concours.  We walked the lot on arrival.

Reflection of the above 911.

We drove my ’86 951 with 70,975 miles.  It’s the one behind the red one with peeling clear coat.

Tomorrow marks the official end of the 2013 Porsche Club of America Parade.  My dad and I headed out from the family cottage to Traverse City, about one hour away, on Monday afternoon to take in the sites.  This was my first Parade, a nomenclature that has stuck with the event since it’s inception 58 years ago when the club went on “parade” with their cars.  The event has grown to include: concours, tours, art shows, time rallies, auto crosses and much more.

We arrived about three o’clock which was an ideal time for me.  The concours had run its course from earlier that day so people were breaking down the event.  Set up and tear down are unique times for no crowds and stand alone photo opps.  We milled around the Grand Traverse Hotel, had wine and cheese at the art show, sat in on the TRD presentation that was to take place the next day and said hi to different folks.  A few hours later we were back in the car touring the east bay on a slightly hot ride with no a/c back home.     

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