2012 ETV

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“…The craftsmanship under the fiberglass is equal to the exterior looks of this car and it needs to be for the car to stay as nice as it is.  This is not a kit car, this is a manufactured car, Where I have had all of the glass made to DOT specs and everything is street legal in Florida I know for sure.  The drivetrain in this car is a 2.2 liter 4 cyl chevy motor with a supercharger, so it is pretty fast with 270 HP, and it averages 26mpg.   The ride is smooth and solid and reliable… The length of the car for size comparison is longer then a Lamborghini LP640, and the car is wider then a Bugatti veyron…

I gotta say, it takes some big stones and vision to create something this unique.     

On eBay for a Buy it Now of $100,000 or make offer.

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