2009 Audi 4.2L R8 Quattro

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It was a few years ago that I had my first experience in the Audi R8.  On the test drive, I had one ear getting bent by my colleague telling me to stop short shifting and get on it, while the other was listening to the reserved roar of the FSI direct injection, dry-sump V8.  Forgive me for not wanting to get a speeding ticket on Crenshaw in the middle of Torrance.  Cheap insurance rates are still my friends.  
Once on the back roads, I gave it a good harumphing that harkened me back to a 1989 Porsche Carrera 4 floor fest.  Both machines with peddle to the wood pull through corners as drifting is politely complimented by four-wheel-drive dynamics.  Had these been rear-wheel-drive excursions something other than my friend might have been getting bent, most likely by the curb.   
One day, this will be yesterday’s exotic at Grand Cherokee prices.  Too bad that’s not today.
On eBay in Bethesda, MD for a starting reserved price of $102,200.  

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