2008 BMW 328Xi AWD Wagon Salvage Rebuildable Repairable

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Here’s the dilemma. I own a very solid 2001 BMW 325xi wagon with a five speed. It’s black on black and everything works right down to the heated seats. I am having some up front suspension issues but soon those will be fixed. The car here is a far more attractive dark blue over brown 328Xi with a six speed manual. However it has that bad hit in the back. You can find a painted bumper, color of your choice, on eBay shipped for under $300 plus a tail light for another $100 bucks or less. So for not much money I could put it back together and have a driver with a salvage title that I don’t really care about. I’ll drive it into the ground or rather one of my kids will. So what’s the dilemma? The car is too far for a quick look. It’s in New Jersey. Do I really want to go through the hassle of trading up for a car that has 35,000 less miles and one more gear? Probably not. But I’m going to watch it for a while so I can bug myself about the idea.

Find it for sale in New Jersey on eBay for $6,995.


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