2008 Ariel 450 HP Atom 2

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“Roush built 800 HP BOM Ecotec 2.0 L engine ( Diamond Pistons, etc.  – 3 page BOM of Hi-tech Race parts)
Detuned to 450 HP
Dialed back to 400
Engine Installed in Chassis and tested by Roush – Multiple system Changed to accept increase in HP – Roush designed, fabricated and tested car at their Livonia MI plant.  Four month Roush project & not a DIY project.  Full support, access and dialogue w/ Roush
Harrop HTV 1320-LSJ  Supercharger”

The guy had to dial back a detuned engine.  Holy schnikies.  This thing is balls out like those steam engines.  You know, because that’s where the saying “balls out” came from, steam engines.   

On eBay in Glenside, Pennsylvania for $71,900 or just under the cost of a new Atom 3.

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