2003 Honda Ruckus Scooter – $1550 (Leslie, MI)

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It is amazing to me how the Honda Ruckus retains about 3/4 of its purchase price no matter what year you buy.  2003 was the first year and they sold for about $2300 but used prices always hover at $1600.  For 2006 Honda addressed a long standing crankshaft bearing failure problem with the GET 2 engine by introducing a new PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system that dramatically reduced oil contamination.  In a cold engine, some gas vapor would get by the piston rings (normal) and this wouldn’t get ventilated (not normal) so it would eventually degrade the oil.  Honda also made a few other changes that resulted in a top speed increase from 37mph to about 41mph. Since 2006 Honda has not made any changes aside from color options and they switched the color of the blinker indicator to green from orange around 2008.

This one is on Lansing Craigslist

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