2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

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“The Stealth Cobra” Modeled after “Spirit of Alaska” B2 Stealth Bomber “00040”
2003 Terminator 10th Anniversary Cobra, SVT Cobra #3245
For hi-res photos, Dyno, build, and spec sheets, paste this into your browser:
Only 50k miles on car, under 5k on new MMR motor, under 1k on new pistons
Motor under warranty from Modular Mustang Racing
816 Flywheel Horsepower / 653 RWHP / 624 RWTorque
Compare to dealers advertising “600 HP” or “750 HP” – that’s flywheel not rear wheel ;-}
Over $25,000 in documented upgrades”

The guy has got pages of detail on the car, most of which I didn’t read because I really don’t care.  What I do care about is the thought and detail that went into making this a safe, useable track car yet street stealthy screamer.  

Don’t want to look like a chump with a huge wing on your back?  Pop it off.  Thinking you’ll burn up your racing slicks on the way to the track?  No worries, tow them.  Is that a roll of quarters in your pants?  No, no, no, I’m just saying.  I don’t see a bulge in your hood so I really don’t know what you have under there.  Stealthy.

On eBay in Lebanon, Tennessee for $27,900 to start or Buy it Now for $29,900.

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  1. todd

    hey thats my stealth cobra I built, raced, then sold a couple years ago!
    just sayin, not going to buy it back although I do regret selling it from time to time

    • Groosh

      Thanks for writing Todd. I only post things I like or find appealing even if it’s not for me. This Mustang is sweet.

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