2000 QVale Mangusta

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October 11, 2011 – This failed to reach the reserve and only hit $21,655 in bidding.

October 6, 2011 – Stumbled across this QVale (pronounced “kah-vah-lee”) on eBay today in Florida with only 8,000 miles.  Doing a little more homework, I fell upon this article by friend Aaron Robinson written 11 years ago for Car and DriverThe Verdict: With so much fine machinery at this price, it’s hard to justify.

The question now is does the Buy it Now of $29,000, a third of the original asking price, justify the Highs: Amounts to a 50-percent discount over other Italian exotica. Reliable Ford power. Rare, and guaranteed to stay that way.”  Is the Panoz Esperante or AIV a better buy for your money?  I personally think all three are worthy collectibles.

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