2 Honda EZ-90’s – $600 (Northern Mi)

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“2 Honda EZ-90s. Both are 1991 models. Not a lot of use on either one. One runs great. The other just needs a carb cleaning. The shrouds have been taken off for winterization. If you know what these bikes are, you also know how much they are worth. $600 each, $1,100 for both.” 
The pictures sorta blow but actually offer great detail because Craigslist photo compression makes any bike look decent when shot from a distance.

The description nails it: “If you know what these bikes are…” These bikes are rare, not altogether attractive but getting harder to find.

At some point you might start your own marshmallow looking bike owners club. Then ride around the camp fire waving your stick, touting I browned mine without getting it burned.  Hey now.

On Craigslist Northern, Michigan.

  1. Matteo

    Hello ,
    Do you have used EZ90 complete or part in you’re shop??
    Thank you for answer my question.
    Sorry for my english .
    See you bay

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