2 1976 Honda z50’s – $700 (Bronson)

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Two of my cousins both have young boys and are looking for ways to extend their fun or corrupt their youth with mechanized transportation. Trail bikes that can hopefully out run the cops while scooting through the neighbor’s yard. I’m just sayin’ it can happen. Oh, what, you think these can be ridden and managed in a responsible manner without the concerns of mad dashes to all corners of a kid’s square mile territory? You haven’t met my cousin Mike. My other cousin Dan, actually, I know he will handle and manage this responsibly with said son, probably never leaving the yard unless to go on authorized trails. No offense Mike. Like I’m one to talk. I was partner to half of Mike’s corrupt neighborhood runs, scooting police through our neighbor’s yard. Conclusion. I’m not looking for a trail bike for my son.

On Battle Creek Craigslist.

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