1999 Custom Built Motorcycles Bobber 1200cc Harley Davidson, fabricated by Joe Cooper

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“”The Jefferson”
2nd place, Sturgis AMD – Modified Harley, 2010
2nd place, NYC AMD – Unlimited Division, 2011

Handmade, forged, hammered, polished, nickel and copper plated, hardtail springer masterpiece..

One of kind.  There is only one of these on the planet.

Joe Cooper, the blacksmith/machinist mastermind, “connected the dots” like Michaelangelo connected the dots..

Nickel and copper plated, hand-formed steel.  Hand formed frame.  Hand formed bars.  Hand made forks.. Tank, fenders, sprocket cover, exhaust tip, etc.

The neck was machined on a lathe from a solid block of metal.  Joe builds whatever he needs..”

Sometimes Harleys look really good to me.
On eBay in Brooklyn, New York for $34,995 Buy it Now.

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