1999 BMW E36 M3 Convertible

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A no reserve auction starting at $5,999 for a 67K mile car.  I’m not a convertible man, but do tell more I say. 
I yadda, yadda over to the lobster bisque.
“Full Disclosure:
The car is in a great condition but, as expected, has minor scuffs and wear of paint and minor dents on doors, some scratches on front right of the car. The rear bumpers are fine. I have tried to capture all in the enclosed pictures – please review them carefully since the car is being sold as-is.”
Ok, fair enough.  Go on.
“The original convertible top works and goes up/down, you just need to assist it a little bit i.e. the ties need to be adjusted.”
I’m a flexible guy, I can stretch a bit to close that puppy tight.
“The rear window plastic has large perforations so you might want to consider replacing the plastic window or the whole roof. The good news: if the car’s final bid is over $9000 I will include a free replacement non-OEM roof ($450 value) which I have purchased but never had a chance to put on.”
Optimistic is he.  Now I’m getting a sense of where his head is at.
“The car has upgraded head and tail lights. The factory-originals are available for pickup if you want them.”
Good good, original is always key.
“The driver seat has a dime size hole on the right side – see photo. Other seats are fine.”
Ok, I guess.
“Tires are nitrogen filled.”
Say what?
“The car is sold as is.”
You don’t say.
“Recent inspection of its 11 year old engine showed the car will need all new belts, oxygen sensor (cause of engine light on console), pipes, intake manifold, and AC tune-up. If you know anything about cars than you know that these are normal things that need to be maintained and repaired on older cars. The clock in the dash needs a new led-bulb. The air-bag light is on due to issue in passenger seat belt buckle. I cannot think of anything else that needs to be mentioned.”
Yikes!  Lucky I found the black M3 as a comparo.  
Oh my gosh, wait a minute… what is that between the seats.  Is that… really… do people actually order those things on an M car?  The car is from Florida.  Unbelievable, the car is an automatic.  Next!  
If you are interested, it’s on eBay.

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  1. empm

    Some people tend to use the words “great condition” very liberally.

  2. empm

    Also, have to say, yellow to me is red to you. No offense against the former 912 Groosh Mobile.
    Plus I thought they came in Dakar yellow, this seems brighter yellow. The lighter the yellow, the more I can stomach it.

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