1995 Jeep Cherokee Country (Oscoda)

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Jeep Cherokees redefined a box on wheels being cool. It had the right proportions without being too big. My dad drove one for years, which meant I got to drive it, as well as lots of kids throughout my high school and college years. It was a favorite of mine. Rev the straight six engine to uncork a loud fan blowing sound. It wasn’t deep, throaty or sexy but you knew it was pushing oil and fuel around quickly before it moved out. This one offers the spider mesh wheels I love coupled with a rare manual transmission in a upscale looking package.

For sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist for $3,200 with only 127,000 miles.


“She has 127k mi, 4.0 I6 H.O, 5 speed manual, 4×4 w/Dana 30/35 lockers. She’s sitting on newer Goodyear Wranglers (+65-70%) tread. Very, very clean inside and out. Was parked in pole barn from 2001 until October of 2013. You’ll have a very difficult time finding one nicer than this. Replaced fuel tank, rail and injectors. brakes and lines. new radiator, water pump, upper and lower hoses, belt and T-stat. just did major tune-up. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, PCV valve, air filter and even installed a new distributor. Always maintained on time, every time. Runs like a Swiss watch. Does have minimal rust around windshield and floorboard but all very fixable. Has AC (needs charge), cruse, tilt, manual locks/windows.

Asking $3200 (o.b.o.) I’m flexible though. Needs an oil pan gasket and left front U-joint. (U-joint has some play but drives fine). But I wont take any offers starting with the number 2 though so no need to try an low ball. I know its value and she’s worth every penny. I’m not trying to get deep in anyone’s wallet though either. Fair price for a really nice Cherokee.”

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