1995 Daihatsu Hijet Van

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“Up for sale is a 1995 Daihatsu hijet van. It is in excellent shape.  I did get new breaks and battery put in recently. This van will carry 4 adults comfortable.  It is not street legal here in Louisiana.  It has push button 4×4, 5 speed trans,  heat and A/C that works great.  AM radio, new bear claw atv tires, rubber floor mats throughout.  65860km”
When you compare the utility of this van with fold down rear seats to a Polaris 4×4 for four or something of the like, I start to wonder why someone doesn’t make these kinds of vehicles. This has a/c, real heat and can be street legal if you can get it by the DMV.  
The open road UTVs are glorified golf carts with power and ability of an ATV.  Great for trails or around the farm but what if I want to go to the hardware store for something?  What if it’s raining and I want to stay dry?   What if I want to take the family along and don’t want them to fall out.  I know, I know, they make them with seat belts now.  See what I mean?  Building a small utility van would be money.
This was on eBay for one day and was pulled down presumably for a private sale.  The reserve was $4,001 doll hairs.  

  1. Justin La Plante

    I am very interested in the Hijet. they are street legal here in Wisconsin. Only problem being the asking price is high. I dont mean it to seem as an insult but the most I can offer is $950.00. Mainly because the acual value of this model and year Hijet is $650.00. I know a lot of dealers sell them well over that price and I know you would likely sell it over that price But I buy them for $950.00.

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