1993 Mazda AZ-1 Microcar

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UPDATE: This listing was removed by the owner.

This is a car I would love to own.  I’ve driven a Suzuki Cappuccino and they are a hoot.  This one with gullwing doors would be the ultimate since I’m not a convertible man.

“The AZ-1 was engineered and built by Suzuki and marketed by Mazda from 1992-1994. It was one of a small class of Kei cars of that era along with the Suzuki Cappuccino and the Honda Beat. The Kei car class was the product of Japanese market regulation involving carve-outs for very small cars (engines had to be under 660CC, car dimensions were also restricted). Many people think that the AZ-1 was the coolest, craziest, and most advanced of these cars. The AZ-1 has amazing technology and attracts more attention than a Lamborghini! It’s tiny – just over 10 feet long and only 45 inches high. The body consists of 27 composite panels over a uni-body substructure. It has a 660CC DOHC three-cylinder dual overhead cam turbocharged engine driving through a five speed gearbox. It weighs only 1500 lbs. The gullwing doors are convenient and a huge attention getter. It handles the way a mid-engine sports car should, but is environmentally friendly and reliable!”
Find it here on eBay in Northern California. 

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