1993 BMW 535i 5 speed (Canton, MI)

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UPDATE January 21, 2013 – So it was eating me up, tossing and turning at night and what not, so I called.  The car as the owner explained it is a “rare” 535i from 1993.  As he went on, they stopped making the 535 in ’92 (even though I find 1993 production noted) and had a few leftover engines, so they put together the ’93 models.  Even “rarer” is the manual transmission.  

But as I retorted in our conversation, you’ve created a hybrid ’93/’95 which makes it not a collectible to the purist.  He still was proud since the larger grille allows for better breathing and a cooler engine.  I never had problems with over heating in my two E34s… ever but ah, ok.  The car has the seats in it now and is driveable.  We both seemed to land on $2K as the value but I think he might accept a bit less.

January 16, 2013 – “1993 BMW 535i. 5 speed manual transmission. The whole front clip has been updated to 1995. The right rear quarter was in a mild accident before I got the vehicle. Its not completely back together. It had a beige interior in it which was not my personal preference, so i updated everything to a 1995 grey interior. Front seats and a few other little things have not been installed, but between work and family issues I find myself with no time to be able to complete the project. Power mirrors, power windows, dual climate control, posi-traction rear end. Last year I freshened up the top end. New head gasket, intake and exhaust gaskets, valve adjustment, ignition components, radiator, condenser, idle air control valve, vein air meter, timing belt, and all the other normal tune up things. I am a BMW mechanic, and do know what I am doing. Moon roof was also replaced and re sealed as they are known to leak. Updated to the newer E-34 wheels. Suspension was also worked on front and rear, new thrust arms, control arms, sway bar links, brakes, tie rod ends, and most other servicable items. The miles are 162,489. I know what the car is, and can be worth, and that it is fairly hard to come across with the options that it has. With the right person it could be where it needs to be very quickly. Have more pictures email for them. Open to offers need to sell ASAP . Have pressing issues and need to get rid of it asap.”

I drove an ‘89 E34 manual for a few years and then upgraded to a 1991 E34 M5.  Funny thing, I know what they are worth too.  They’re worth learning to be your own mechanic when things like the flex disc breaks, plus a hole bunch of other crap, so you can keep good posture.  That being said, these cars are fantastic to drive.  Even my wife misses the old one.  This has got good potential as a driver if the price is right.

On Detroit Craigslist.

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