1991 BMW M5

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I love them.  This is a sedan worth every drunk passenger you can fling around the corner.  It’s got grit, it’s sexy, it’s suave and yet it costs bupkiss.  Well the initial nothing of a bupkiss.  This guy wants is $14,500 out of Norfolk, CT.   Guess how many miles?  217K.  Guess what’s been done in the last 2K. 

“Head Gasket, Schrick Cams, New Timing Chain, New Water Pump, Thermostat, All Coolant Hoses, Radiator, Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs, Cap and Rotor on distributor, New Motor mounts, New Transmission Mounts, Clutch with High Performance Fly Wheel, New Fan Clutch, all New Driving belts. Replaced the whole front end: Upper and Lower Control Arms, Inner and Outer Rods, Sway Bar links, New Bilstein Shocks, H/R Spring, New Front and Rear Top Mounts, Custom performance exhaust with high flow cat, New O2 Sensor, New Euro lights smoked, Rebuilt Transmission, UCC Short Shifter, Rear Subframe bushings and dog bones, new leather on front seats. New head liner with alcantara fabric Freshly painted, Tuner Chip, New Floor mats All fluids have been flushed and replaced ( Transmission, Rear Diff, Brake Fluids, Clutch Fluids and Power Steering fluids while performed service. All done within the past 2,000 miles.”

That’s what I’m sayin’.  It costs nothing until you want to maintain it.  But that’s the love of this marque.   You can get what someone else paid for and have a heap of fun in the process.  God these cars are awesome.

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