1990 Stroker V8 Monster Miata

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UPDATE: On May 12, 2011 the seller settled for $10,200, a bargain Monster Miata.

Original Post: Monster Miatas are the wanna-be Shelby Cobras and Sunbeam Tigers of today.  I happen to like them.  And while shoehorning 475hp is enough power to smack smiles from your neighbor’s face as they watch you chew tarmac, I’m not diggin’ the air scoop.  The key in my opinion with the Monster is subtlety.  What they don’t know will make them Newman.

The owner says less than 4K on the all-out build out before health reasons got to him so it still needs paint and interior.  Whew… he probably doesn’t like red either. 

Find it here on eBay for a starting bid of $8K or $15K BIN in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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