1988 325ix e30 BMW – $8000 (Daggett)

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My mechanic Stephen drove one of these into the ground after eight years. Interestingly enough, he beat the crap out of it with nothing but regular maintenance. His definition of regular maintenance might be different than mine. “When something broke, I fixed it yet the car never left him stranded.” he told me. Stephen also tracked the snot out of it, drove it all winter on winter tires and racked up about 300,000 miles. He sold it because it was rusted. Everywhere.

The nice thing about the ’88 ix is the standard amenities. From the factory all were 5 spd, two door with Recaro seats, BBS wheels, trip computer, front lip spoiler, those headlights and other stuff. Ticket price was up around $45K. That’s a lot in 1988. Germany realized the error of their ways and decontented for 1989 when most items became optional. They also offered a four door and an automatic. Sweet sweet automatics.

Clearly this car was driven in the snow and salt. Yes, they are made for it but as a collectible E30, it’s questionable. The owner did the plastic bumper swap and a bunch of other mods. Mileage is unknown because of gauge cluster swap and rebuilt motor. The original wheels aren’t mentioned but hopefully he has them. Read up on Northern Michigan Craigslist.

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