1987 Porsche 944 – $2500 (Bloomfield)

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For cheap fun, this one looks well maintained even though the odometer doesn’t work.  Comes from a better side of the tracks if that means anything.
On Craigslist Detroit.
“I had bought this car in 2009 as a fun car, However job related relocation forces sale of this car.
The bad is that the ODO stopped working at approx. 123,600 miles

The good is that snce purchase, vehicle has had the following updates

Corbeau F1 seats and Momo steering wheel
Brake callipers all replaced
Brake rotors were all replaed
Brake pads were all replaced
Stainless steel brake lines added to the front
Brake flud drained and replaced wvery year

Timing belt was replaced along with tensioner pulleys
All raditor hoses were repalced
Fuel injectors were serviced

Koni adjustable rear shocks replaced the old factory installed shocks
Rear wheel bearing and CV joints were replaced.

Car also comes with an extra set of 15 inch phone dials with Hankook C30 track tires that have some life on them.”

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