1987 Kawasaki JS 300 – $750 (Highland)

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I’ve always wanted a stand up jet ski ever since high school.   I road one a few times but really admired my friend Rich Little who could make that thing dance like a dolphin among the blue gills of Pine Lake.   He would duck dive it, spin it like a top and of course jump small motor boat waves.  When I finally went on the newest iteration, the “bigger and better” wave runner, a smacked that thing around for 30 minutes and was bored.

Wave runners were the muscle car of the water, fast in a straight line yet good for a quick turn but it never handled like a European sports car.  It was a well-placed market genesis, two seats for giving rides and it was easy.  Easy to learn, easy to use.  Now I’m just annoyed by them almost as much as Harleys.  They are loud and buzzy and seem to be ridden by people who would never appreciate or even know there was an original jet ski.  It’s like buying today’s automatic XYZ car instead of popping for a stick shift because you never cared enough to learn how to drive a manual.

This particular jet ski is only a 300.  If I were to ever buy one, I’d buy a 550 or maybe the 650.  Then I’d go out an annoy a hole bunch of people who don’t like noise and can’t tell the difference between a wave runner and me carving up the water in graceful mammal-of-the-sea like style.

On Detroit Craigslist.   Looks well cared for and you have to admire the compression test photo.

“1987 Kawasaki JS 300 stand up jetski.

Jet ski in great condition, ready to ride needs nothing. April 2013, new blacktip turf, ODI grips, and tether kill switch.

Winterized and stored inside, battery on tender all winter.

2nd owner, I bought it from the original owner, motor completely stock besides oil block off kit. Runs on pre-mix.”

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