1986 Zimmer Quick Silver

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Surprisingly, I don’t find this repulsive.  In fact, the lines work for me and it’s just unique enough to overcome some naaaay sayers.  It looks like it would be a big car, like a Lincoln Mark IV.  But as one of 170 Zimmer bodied Fieros it’s really quite small.  Perhaps one has to be one of the best examples you’ll find.  It’s been restored with new paint, chrome and interior and only has 3,600 miles. 
On eBay with a starting bid that’ll bring it home from Killen, Alabama of $20,000.

This is a 1986 Zimmer Quick Silver. It was made by the Zimmer Corp assembled in Florida. The company is now located in New York. Zimmer still makes cars, but they only make the Golden Spirit. They only made the Quick Silver 2 years, 86 and 87. They only made 170 of the Quick Silver. This is number 60 of the 170. It is on a Pontiac Fiero chassis. Zimmer did this so GM would have to do the warrenty work. This is not a kit car. You can look up the history by google “1986 Zimmer Quick Silver”. Now more about this car. The car was sold to a man in GA who put it in storage for more than 20 years. When I got the car it only had 3000 miles. It now has a little over 3600 miles. I have painted it, put new interior and new tires on it. I have replaced the rack and pinion steering. It has a base/clear silver paint. All the chrome has been rechromed. The wire wheels have little rust on the center pieces. This is a mid engine V6 car. It has a trunk in the front and the rear behind the engine. As you can see by the pictures it has beautiful red interior. Tilt wheel, AM FM cassette, power windows and door locks. Experian AutoCheck may show no history but has not been wrecked and I have a clear title. I think it is because I am the only one who has titled it in Alabama.”

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