1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Project Begins

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When you talk about piddly stuff that is overlooked by non-anal car jockeys, it can often be a sign of bigger problems creeping underneath.  In my case, the kid I bought the car from didn’t know what he didn’t know.  He was really knowledgeable about the big fixes: timing belt, clutch, starter, brakes, battery, tires all of which are new on this car, but failed wide-eyed on the details.

On our test drive and inspection which I winged like a sixteen-year-old buying his first car, I noticed the flaws.  Why did I wing the inspection?  It was all of 10-degrees two weeks ago in the north of Michigan, city Clare.  After spending 14 years in California as long as the car started, I was happy to shove it on the trailer and get inside to a heater.  Too bad the car wouldn’t start.

List of issues:
– Car didn’t start (vapor lock from gas cap, then started right up)
– Side mirrors don’t work
– Sunroof doesn’t work
– Air conditioning compressor didn’t turn on
– Random running lights out
– Reverse lights not working
– One brake light out
– Steering wheel shows signs of needing alignment
– Rear wiper didn’t work
– Missing center cap on wheel
– Passenger tail light cracked
– Passenger fog light broken
– Stuff I’m forgetting
Eh, I talked him down a few more dollars and loaded it up for $5,100.  I figured how bad could a 69,337 original mile car with no rust, no accident damage, good leather and great mechanicals be?
Home in my garage, the clear coat on the car is about as bad looking as the snow/salt wash the car took on the trailer on the way home.  The paint on this car is awful but original nonetheless.  I love having this car.

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  1. wallymann

    love the 944 sheetmetal, not quite as bold as a 928…but great nonetheless…good luck!

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