1983 Porsche 930 "Calling it Stock When It’s Not"

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Here’s another one of the bugger ads on eBay that now is part of the “Calling it Stock When It’s Not” contest.  Below, his opening line and then my summarizing to make it easy for us to cast wild judgments.
“You will not find a better driving 930 anywhere. car is pretty much stock accept for…”
• TRG coilover suspension
• Adjustable racing sway bars
• New bigger turbo
• 1bar waste gate
• Racing brake pads
• Air scoop but has original turn signal
Things he doesn’t mention that are obvious replacements from the pictures:
• Aluminum pedals
• Steering wheel
• Stereo
I’m only counting nine things here but this is a subjective contest.  We’ll look at the other contestants at some point and do some judging.  Oh yeah, this is sweet car too bad it’s gray market.

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