1983 Honda 550 Nighthawk

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UPDATE:  This sold for $560 on May 31, 2011.

Original Post: Hey EMPM, remember this one?

They only made the 550 in 1983.  My dad bought one of these used in ’84 or ’85.  He bought it because of the shaft drive which were like BMWs and offered low maintenance and no chain issues.  In addition, he liked not having to true spoke rims.  
I still think they have beautiful lines and the sound is deep throat goodness.  My buddy EMPM used to think it was his neighbor’s Cobra coming home when I’d gun it down his street. I had a lot less respect for family neighborhoods when I was a 16 year old yute.
On eBay in Indiana but it has a bent frame.  No reserve.

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  1. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    I think they made black as well but this would be my choice. I never see the 550 for sale. I see more of the 650s. Makes me want to buy this one but the frame issue has me nervous. Might get it cheap on the other hand…

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