1982 911 Porsche 3.0 5spd Sunroof – $7500 (Iornton)

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Jimmy got a sweet deal on his Porsche dubs and asked Bobby-John to bring along his shoe horn.  

“See told you they’d fit.”  

“Yes ’em, you did.  But you sure with two hot babes in the back the tires won’t wear through?” 

“No sweat.  The way I figure it, we got at least 25 minutes to get them couch cushioned before a blow out.  But just in case we break down, let’s change the interior color to burgundy.  I hear chicks love colors like fine wine.  Should get us a roadside lip gloss before the tow truck gets there.” boasted Jimmy.

“And if they’re pissed and throw their wine at us, you’ll hardly notice!”

“Now you’re cookin’ beers with brats Bobby-John, let’s get to work!” 

“3.0 L- 5 Spd. 165000 Mi on this SOLID 99 % rust free 911.Runs good with smoke @ startup. Smooth/positive clutch. Strong/even brakes. Original interior was gray/toup Now has power burgundy leather front seats &doors panels. Comes with most parts needed to complete.”
On Northern Michigan Craigslist.

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