1979 Porsche 928 – $15000 (west louisville)

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“Custom 1979 Porsche 928 ( Scarface Car )
*New custom two-tone black/white metallic paint job
*32,000 original miles
*New black & white racing seats
Very nice car!!!! $15,000.00 or best offer.”

Thanks to reader Roy for this forward.  Not sure I can get behind the paint job.  While it is interesting, it doesn’t seem complete.  The white should carry through to the rockers below the doors and in front of the headlights on the bumper at least.  No pictures of the rear, engine or interior are offered.  For a low mileage car I’m confused why someone went through the trouble of this paint job.  Eh, to each their own.  I’ve got a car with stickers all over it.

On Louisville Craigslist.    

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  1. Will P.

    This car is just screaming “POLIZEI” clone! Just add the flashing lights, siren horn, decals, etc.

  2. Mike G.

    ummm, based on the fact that the rockers don’t carry the color, and the pictures scream body shop… my guess is that the NEW body panels were white, while the original color of the original panels were black.
    Enter, a creative ad writer…

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