1978 Porsche 928

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You know me, always looking to punish myself with a car that’ll never go up in value. I try to draw comparisons with the early 911s and remind myself that those are worth far less than the 2.2s or especially the 2.4s.  Therefore, I should look elsewhere. 
But I still like these early cars with no body side molding, no rear spoiler and phone dial wheels (which were obviously switched on this car).  This 928 has no sunroof which the owner proudly states, not sure why, and about 60K miles but it’s a Euro spec.  He’s the 2nd owner since 1985. Interior looks terrific.
On Hemmings in Dallas, Texas for $8,500 or trade for TDI.  Think my wife will notice if her car is gone?

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  1. empm

    Here’s how you do it: buy a beat up old Jetta for a couple of hundred bucks, write TDI on a piece of paper and tape it to the back of the car. Get a sweatshirt with a picture of the car printed on the front. Trade those to the guy for the car. He’ll never know the difference.

  2. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    Or trade for the car, write TDI on a piece of paper, tape it on the back of the 928 and see if my wife notices. Then if she does, get her a picture of the guy wearing a sweatshirt with her car printed on it.

  3. empm

    Brilliant! I’ll start working on a good trade for the 951. I’m going to need some more paper, tape and sweatshirts.

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