1978 Porsche 911SC – $15800 (Shelby Twp)

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Oh what a difference a winter makes.  I’ve been following this car since last fall and spoke with the owner, pre-new headliner, when he was willing to take $12,800 for the car.   All spruced up for spring and the price is market correct.  A new headliner does required removing the glass, so it’s not a quick job.  His maintenance is impeccable.  He would also change the oil and adjust the valves after the winter slumber.

On Detroit Craigslist.

“1978 Porsche 911sc Red Sunroof Coupe. In great running condition.
Have performed the following maintenance items; installed oil pressure fed chain tensioners,
oil change change, valve adjustment, replaced rear shock absorbers,
all new brake pads, brake caliper rebuilt, new clutch cable, new pedal cluster bushings,
Shifter bushings replaced, New tires all around, ignition system tune up, fresh differential oil,
Clean and repacked CV joints, installed new oil lines. Tan leather interior in nice condition, new headliner.
Transmission shifts nice, no rust accident free body. Overall a very nice driving car, 115,XXX miles.”

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