1977 Porsche 911 Electric Car

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There was a “kid” that called on my ’66 912 roller when I was still in California.  He wanted to convert it to electric.  Apparently quite a few people are attracted to the 911 or 914 chassis for a light weight, stylish electric conversion.  However, I talked him out of it because I had stripped everything of value from the car and left the suspension, brakes and wheels.  It would have cost him a small fortune, not to mention lots of time, to build back up the car while also paying to convert it.  

I can only imagine these go up for sale when the battery life has just about bit the dust because at this price there’s no profit it in.  According to the writeup, replacement bats will run about $9K.  

On eBay in San Juan Capistrano for $13,995 opening bid, no reserve.

Up for auction is a beautiful classic 1977 100% Electric Porsche 911 Carrera with tail. This car was converted from gasoline to all electric by Jungle Motors and spared no expense. It now has a DC conversion powered by the DC Power Systems Raptor controller. The Raptor can deliver up to 1200amps of power and this baby flies. With the Netgain WarP 11 motor we have driven this car over 100Mph!! Over 24KW of battery power is supplied by the ThunderSky Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) 160aH battery pack giving us up to 100 miles of range (depends on your driving style). The battery charger is set up for 110/220VAC so you can re-charge about anywhere you park and the Battery Management System (BMS) is by Elithion. With gas prices climbing every day and Global Warming taking effect, this is your chance to drive the future. Add solar panels to your house and re-fill your car everyday for FREE!!! Stop supporting the wars in the desert and become energy independent. While this car is in top shape, remember you are bidding on a classic vehicle that is over 30 years old and it is not a new car.
This car is being sold way below cost, see for yourself-
1977 Porsche Carrera $7,000.00
48 LiFePo4 batteries 160Ah $8,800.00
Raptor 1200A DC Controller $2,900.00
11″ Netgain WarP motor $2,500.00
Elcon dual input battery charger $1,000.00
Elcon DC/DC converter for 12V battery $500.00
Alignment and lift rear, new paint, new seats, on and on…..

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