1977 Maserati Khamsin

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Maserati built about 400 of these.  But it was done during the time of their ill-fated marriage between Citroen and Maser.  Thereby producing a hydraulic system that ran everything but then again, could fail and run nothing.  It powers the brakes, steering, clutch assist, driver’s seat adjustment and other things but only when the engine is running.  If the engine is off, you have no brakes, no way to adjust the seat, etc.  

These are starting to become sought after but this one regardless of low miles (21K), looks slightly tattered.  If the hydraulics can be sorted then you still have paint, interior, dash and those god awful bumpers that scream swap me for Euro spec.  Great ones can be had for under $50K.
This one I found on Hemmings for $26,500 but it is from one of my favorite motor companys, Gullwing Motor Cars out of New York.  I’ve always found Gullwing to have reasonable expectations on price but then again, I’ve never actually seen the cars in person.

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