1977 Lotus Esprit Highly Modified

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The profile got me.  It looks like vintage racing standing still.  The mag wheels are the right size and color so the 70s Lotus custom doesn’t try to be modern day.  The interior is terrific.  The headliner piping, nice.  After that it fizzles for me.  They want $30,000 Buy it Now in Clinton, Washington which would seem reasonable if the car was sorted.  But it’s not.  The carbs need a rebuild according to the seller even though the car runs.  Check out the reveal for the front and rear. 

The wing is too much for me and the smoked glass covered lights would do me better if they were clear.  You can’t see crap at night with smoke colored covers.  Finally, the lover hood.  The engine is in the back, what exactly are they venting?

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