1975 Mercedes SLC (2 door) – $5995 (Lubbock)

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Jyana was this girl in California that my buddy Pat set me up with.  We went on one date which was all it took for her to size me up as under six feet tall and apparently not packing enough wallet.  I learned this later from my buddy.  That’s ok.  She wasn’t my type.  I needed less gorgeous and much more shallow.  She had one redeeming quality.  She drove a white one of these.  I really do like these cars and with 33K original miles it was worth the post and memory.
“1975 Mercedes SLC (2 door)
Gold with black leather interior
Clean car inside and out (1 owner)
Power and air
New tires
Everything works
Low mileage (33K)”
Find it here in Lubbock, Texas on Craigslist.

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