1974 Triumph TR-6 1974 Triumph TR-6 (Rare Hardtop and Overdrive)

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“Up for Sale is my 1974 Triumph TR-6 with Overdrive and removable Hardtop. It only has 85,500 miles on it and has been partially restored. I am the Original Owner of the vehicle and plan on including the Original Sales Invoice from 1974 with purchase. The vehicle has 2 brand new Classic Coker Redline tires and two Michelin Redline tires purchased before they were discontinued.

The dash has been rebuilt and the entire interior Carpeting, Seats, doors etc. have all been professionally reupholstered with a restore kit bought from a TR-6 restoration factory in Britain. The car also comes with a brand new battery and steam cleaned engine. The paint is the original Emerald Green from the factory, still in good condition with only minor wear.”

This is certainly the way to buy one of these.  Hardtop, OD and original owner with sales invoice.  Ok, so it had some restoration work done but it’s not the paint.  You would think the paint would be the first to go but instead the interior got thrashed about.  
Most likely scenario was that the owner was driving, holding a beer between the legs that left a ring stain on the seat before he dropped it on the floor trying to get his left-handed cigarette lit.  When he went to pick up the beer, the ciggie burned a hole in the door card. But at least he had the sense to get a replacement kit from the factory in Britain.

On eBay in Fresno, California with a reserve. 

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