1973 VW Beetle custom v6 super bad – $4000 (ypsilanti)

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That wing is awful. I mean down right terrible. But the pale yellow and skinny tail lights had me intrigued. And what was all this talk about it being a super bad V6? Clearly the owner knows something I don’t. “Chevy Powered” which almost lost me as Lumina – Luuuu min aaaa – was the only car that came to mind. But then I read the Ann Arbor Craigslist post and low and behold, it’s a Corvair six. Which means it’s actually a flat six, not a V6. A flat six is like what other motor I dig as well? Yes, you guessed it. Starts with a “p” and ends with you thinking I must be insane if I’m going to spell it for you. You have read this blog before and know what cars I own, right? This conversion has me close to wanting to look at it in person. The car looks incredibly clean and free of rust. It’s a great color and it’s got a conversion “runs like a rocket.”


“way too munch to list super cool v6 motor corvair holly fuel pump holy carb rebult 2 days ago tube roll bars all in side custom fab work done by the best runs like a rocket clean under the car all new this is a fast cheap sale drive it or sale it and make money moving so priced cheap ” 

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